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I am very excited to start building a collection of the stories on this website translated into many different languages. If you are interested in helping with this project, I would be honored to receive your translations. I ask that you be a native speaker of the language you are translating into. When translating, please use the most natural language to translate sentences as a whole, rather than word by word. If you want to provide any extra material, I would greatly appreciate it. Extra materials could be a list of vocabulary that goes with the story (this list may or may not include the same words as the English version), example sentences with the new vocab (I call this a "Self Study"), a transliteration of the story if it's written in a different alphabet, or an audio/video file of the story being read aloud. Thank you so much for your contributions!

At the moment, we have some stories in Kyrgyz and Turkish. Enjoy!

Kyrgyz stories - Beginning

Менин үй-бүлөм (My Family)

Менин Динозаврым (My Dinosaur)

Комоч нан (The Gingerbread Man)

Жарыш (The Race)

Ак Кар (Snow White)

Дамбо (Dumbo)

Кичинекей Кызыл Топучан Kыз (Little Red Riding Hood)

Сулуу жана Желмогуз (Beauty and the Beast)

- - - -

Kyrgyz stories - Intermediate

Маймылдын Kамагында (Prisoner of the Monkeys)

Падышанын Табышмагы (The King's Riddle)

Катуу Жаза (The Terrible Punishment)

Туздай Таттуу (Sweet As Salt)

Качыр кантип темгил болуп калган (How the Zebra got her Stripes)

- - - -

Turkish stories - Beginning


- - - -

Turkish stories - Intermediate

KORKUNÇ CEZA (The Terrible Punishment)

Tuz gibi Şeker (Sweet As Salt)

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"You live a new life for every new language you speak."

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