Helpful Links: More English resources online

The following websites are great to practice your English. They provide lots of input, either in written and audio form, or both. Find some articles that interest you, and start reading.

BBC Learning English. News articles, plus topics including vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

Breaking News English. Short news articles with follow-up activities.

Voice of America: Learning English. News articles, with video and audio.

Story Nory. A collection of stories and fairy tales, with audio and a built-in word translator from English to many languages.

ESL Lab. Short, engaging listening dialogues for easy, medium, and difficult. Includes comprehension questions and vocabulary review.

ESL Jokes. Lots and lots of cute jokes, broken down by level and focusing on grammar points within the jokes.

TED Talks. TED Talks are short presentations by experts in their fields on a variety of topics. Search the archives and choose a topic you are interested in. The topics introduce many interesting ideas, with quality vocabulary and themes to discuss with students.

Interpals Pen Pals. This site lets you find an international pen pal.

Preply. Find English language tutors who will work with you through Skype.

Buzzle. Articles on a range of topics, with the option of listening to the text read by a computer.

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