Practice: The Terrible Punishment

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Answer the questions:

1. Why did Alex not want to go home after school?
2. How did Alex do on the math test?
3. What was Alex’s punishment?
4. Does Alex really hate washing the car?
5. What did his mom think when she looked out the window?
6. What was Alex’s next punishment at the end of the story?

- - - -

Match the words with the pictures:
[ grin – grumpy – drag your feet – backpack – shocked – hose – sponge ]

- - - -

Finish the sentences with the following words:
[ fell for it – sponge – realized – show off – groaned – sprayed ]

1. When I got to school, I _____________ that I forgot my homework.
2. I told my little sister that there are monsters in the basement and she _______________!
3. The pen broke and ________________ ink everywhere.
4. John answered every question because he wanted to ______________ for the teacher.
5. I wash the dishes with a _____________.
6. When my mom saw the messy house, she _____________.

- - - -

Finish the sentences with the following words:
[ scrub – speechless – expect – strange – tricked – grumpy ]

7.When I saw my birthday present, I was so surprised that I was ______________.
8.I ________________ my brother because I gave him fake money.
9.I had to _____________ my shirt to get the ink out.
10.I studied hard, so I ______________ to pass the test.
11.I’m _______________ today because I lost my favorite shirt.
12.It is very _____________ to see a white buffalo.

Check your answers.

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