Self Study: The Terrible Punishment

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To help learn the new words and expressions from The Terrible Punishment, read these sample sentences. Each sentence gives a natural example of how to use one of the new words. Use the sentence to figure out the meaning of each underlined word.

When you do something bad, your parents will punish you.
If you are late to school, what is your punishment?

I was fighting with my brother yesterday, so now I am in trouble.
Do you get in trouble often at school?
If you get in trouble at school, how does your teacher punish you?

I dragged my feet because I didn't want to go to the doctor.
I really don't want to study for my history test tomorrow. I'm dragging my feet.

My friend said she would meet me at 5:00, so I expect her to come soon.
I didn't expect to see my ex-boyfriend at the movie theater.
What will do you do this weekend? I don't know, I expect I will just relax.
That woman has a huge belly, so I know she is expecting a baby.

I was so mad when my sister took my new shoes.
Don't make the teacher mad – he will punish you!

When you sigh, you breathe out loudly. It can be a happy sigh or a sad sigh.
When my mom said I had to clean the whole house, I looked at all the messy rooms and sighed.
I sat down on my towel, sipped my lemonade, looked at the shining lake, and sighed with happiness.

If you exclaim, you shout or yell.
“You grew so much!” my grandmother exclaimed when I saw her this summer.
“You look beautiful!” I exclaimed when I saw my sister in her wedding dress.
We call this sign [ ! ] an exclamation mark.

A grin is a smile, sometimes a sly smile.
When my mom asked what I was planning to do for April 1, I just grinned.

If you scrub something, you clean it really well.
The bathtub was so dirty I had to scrub it two times.
No matter how much I scrubbed the carpet, the cherry juice would not come out.

A sponge is something you use to clean.
Sponge Bob Squarepants is a sponge.
I used a sponge to wash the dishes.

Hang on = Wait a minute!
“I'm going outside!” said the little boy.
“Just hang on! I'm not ready yet,” said his mother.
I bought a new book yesterday – hang on, I'll go get it and show you.

A groan is a low sound you make when you're not happy, or sometimes when you're happy.
When my mom said I had to wake up and go to school, I groaned.
I groaned happily when I got a massage.

If you are grumpy, you are in a bad mood. You are cranky.
I've been grumpy all day because I got a bad grade on my test.
Don't wake up dad or he will be grumpy!

Trick = joke.
Do you like to play tricks for April Fool's?
My brother always tricks me!

If you fall for something, you believe it.
I told my little brother that he has to eat carrots to get super-powers, and he fell for it. Now he eats carrots every day.
My mom doesn't fall for any of my tricks.

I sprayed water on the flowers.
I turned on the shower and watched the water spray out.

A hose is a long tube you use to spray water.
Don't spray me with the hose!
I used the hose to wash the car.

I am so lucky! I found $20 on the street!
That girl is lucky – her parents take her to Paris every summer.

People show off in order to get attention.
The boy started dancing like Michael Jackson so everyone would look at him. He is always showing off.
He's such a show-off!
Boys like to show off for the girls.

If you fail a test, you do not pass. You do very badly.
I failed my science test, so I will ask my teacher if I can re-take it.
If I fail English, my mom will kill me.

If you are shocked, you are surprised or astonished.
I was shocked when my friend said she was moving away. I thought we would always be together.

If you are speechless, you are so shocked that you can't speak.
When I showed my mom my A+ on my algebra test, she was speechless.

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