Practice: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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Finish the paragraph about Santa Claus with these words:
[ special – glows – Christmas Eve – reindeer – foggy – lead – sleigh – fly ]

On _________________, Santa Claus is very busy. He takes his huge bag of presents and gets into his _____________. Santa has eight ______________ that pull him through the sky. They are _____________ reindeer because they can ___________. Santa must go to every house and leave presents for the children. If the night is _____________, Santa can’t see. Then Santa asks Rudolph to ____________ all of the other reindeer, because Rudolph has a red nose that _____________ in the night.

Finish the sentences with these words:
[ bright - make fun of – alone – surprised – hero – except – different – worries ]

1.When we moved into our new house, nothing was the same. Everything felt _________________.
2.Some kids at school aren’t very nice. They ________________ of the new student because he speaks with an accent.
3.My mom _____________ about me if I don’t call her to tell her where I’m going after school.
4.My mom was _____________ when my dad gave her flowers for her birthday.
5.We can’t ask for help on the test. We have to do the test ________.
6.Superman is my favorite ___________.
7.Everyone ate cake ____________ the baby, because he was too young.
8.I wear sunglasses because the sun is too ___________ for my eyes.

Check your answers.

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