To the Student: This story is in the correct order. Below, you will find pictures that go with the story. The pictures are not in the right order. Your job is to decide which picture is first, second, and so on, by matching them with each paragraph of the story.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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Version by Tamara Kula

When Rudolph was born, his mother and father were very surprised. Rudolph was not a normal reindeer. He was a little bit different. He had a bright red nose!

His mother and father loved him so much. They thought his nose was special. But when Rudolph went to school, the other reindeer laughed at him.

They always made fun of Rudolph because he wasn’t like them. They wouldn’t let poor Rudolph play games with them. Rudolph was sad and all alone.

One day at school, Rudolph met a little reindeer named Snowflake. She was nice to Rudolph and she liked his nose. Rudolph was happy to have one friend.

In school, all the young reindeer learned to fly. At first it was very hard. Everyone laughed when Rudolph fell, except for Snowflake.

All the reindeer grew older and became good fliers. They knew that one day they might work for Santa and pull the sleigh for Christmas.

Christmas was coming. It snowed and snowed. Finally it was Christmas Eve! It was very, very snowy and it was very, very foggy. Santa was worried. He couldn’t fly if he couldn’t see!

Suddenly Santa saw a bright red light glowing in the fog. He came closer and saw … Rudolph! “Perfect!” shouted Santa. “You can lead my reindeer tonight and light the way!”

That night, Rudolph was the leader of Santa’s sleigh. All the other reindeer thought Rudolph was a hero! His red nose made him different – and special.

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