Practice: The Race

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1.What kind of animal is Toby?
2.Opposite of lose
3.A short rest, sleep
4.Opposite of slow
5.Opposite of whisper
6.Opposite of quick
7.What kind of animal is Randy?
8.Opposite of far
9.Opposite of start

Word Bank: slow, nap, win, shout, rabbit, turtle, near, fast, finish

Questions: Write R for Randy and T for Toby.

1.Who is fast?
2.Who likes to run?
3.Who is happy?
4.Who is slow?
5.Who brags a lot?
6.Who takes a nap?
7.Who wins the race?

Verbs: Present and Past. Find the verbs that go together.

Words to match: slept, brag, woke, is, said, told, find, was, thought, gave, say, bragged, tell, think, found, give, sleep, wake

1. is, was

Match the antonyms.

quickly       wake up
best           sad
happy         near
win             stop
laugh         try again
shout         slowly
start           lose
far             worst
sleep         cry
ahead         behind
give up       whisper
first           last

Check your answers.

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