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The Race

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Version by Tamara Kula

Randy the Rabbit was very fast. He loved to run. He also loved to talk about himself. “I’m super fast!” he always said. “I’m the fastest in the forest! I’m the best!” Randy was always bragging.

Toby the Turtle was very slow. Toby knew he was slow and he was happy. He liked being a turtle. But Toby didn’t like Randy. Toby thought that Randy bragged too much.

One day Randy told Toby, “You are so slow! You could never win a race.”

Toby was angry, and he decided to race Randy. Randy just laughed. “I know I will win! I am a rabbit and I am the fastest!” he said.

They decided to race the next day. All of the animals in the forest came to watch.

“Three…two…one…GO!!” shouted the squirrel.

Randy started to run very quickly. Toby started to walk very slowly. Soon Randy was so far away that Toby couldn’t see him. But Toby didn’t stop walking. Toby wanted to finish the race.

Randy ran and ran. “I’m going to win! Toby is much too slow. He is only a turtle.”

Randy was almost finished with the race. He was so far ahead of Toby that he decided to take a short nap. “I have enough time to rest for a little while,” he said. He found some soft grass and went to sleep.

Randy slept and slept and slept! After many hours, Toby passed Randy and finished the race first. Toby won!

When Randy woke up, he was so surprised. “How did you win?” he asked Toby. Toby smiled and said, “I am slow, but I never give up!”

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