Practice: Pancakes for Breakfast

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What usually happens in Fred’s day? Put the sentences in order.

___ He plays football with his neighbor.
___ He eats lunch at the small round table.
___ He plays computer games.
___ He does his homework in the library.
___ He eats pancakes for breakfast.
___ He rides his bike home and watches cartoons.
___ He rides his bike to school.
___ He eats dinner and talks to his parents.
___ He wakes up at 7:00 when his alarm clock rings.
___ He studies history, science, and art.
___ He gets dressed. He wears a red T-shirt and jeans.
___ He goes to bed.
___ He studies English and math.
___ He takes a shower and brushes his teeth.

What happens one day when everything goes wrong? Answer the questions with True or False.

1. When the alarm clock didn’t ring, Fred’s dad woke him up.
2. Fred wore an orange shirt to school.
3. He ate pancakes for breakfast.
4. He couldn’t ride his bike because it had a flat tire.
5. At school, he didn’t study English or math because the class went to a museum.
6. He didn’t eat lunch.
7. He couldn’t study in the library because it was closed.
8. He played basketball after supper.
9. He did his homework before he went to bed.

Finish the sentences with these words:
[ mind – exactly – history – favorite – science – flat tire - library ]

1.When I clean my mom’s house, I have to do it __________________ the way she wants it.
2.Do you _____________ if I use your phone?
3.In _______________ class we are learning how to use microscopes.
4.I love learning about the _____________ of old civilizations, but my brother thinks it’s boring.
5.I want to go to the _______________ so I can borrow some more books to read.
6.I have a lot of blue shirts, because blue is my ____________ color.
7.My bike got a _____________ when I was riding home, so I had to walk the rest of the way.

- - - -

[ sigh – disappointed – field trip – actually – either – complains – dream ]

8.Thank you for inviting me to the restaurant, but ______________, I don’t like Chinese food.
9.I was so _______________ when I didn’t make the football team.
10.Every day, my sister comes home from school and ______________ about her teacher because he gives too much homework.
11.Tomorrow my class is going to take a ________________ to an ice cream factory!
12.Last night I had a funny ______________ that I was a bird.
13.My brother said he didn’t want to watch a movie about love, and I said that I didn’t want to ______________.
14.I could tell my mom wasn’t happy with my grades because she let out a big ______________.

Check your answers.

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