Practice: More Antonyms

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Finish the sentences with the following words:
[ ignorant – inconsiderate – unclear – refused – energetic – confident ]

1. The student never stopped talking in class. He was very ________________.

2. I am sure that I will win the game of chess. I am _____________.

3. He doesn’t know how to read and he never went to school. He doesn't care about the world around him. He is _________________.

4. We didn’t understand the homework. The teacher was very _________________.

5. My friend invited me to the football game, but I didn’t want to go so I ______________.

6. My dog runs around all day and never gets tired. He is so _______________.

- - - -

Finish the sentences with the following words:
[ forbid – doubtful – brave – shy – guilty – reward – crazy ]

7. One girl never asked questions in class because she was too ______________.

8. My mom doesn’t allow me to watch scary movies. She _____________ me to watch The Terminator.

9. The thief stole 10 paintings from the museum. He went to jail because he was _____________.

10. I wasn’t sure what the right answer was. I was ______________.

11. That man is talking to the wall. I think he is ________________.

12. If I pass the test, my dad will give me a ______________.

13. My little brother isn’t scared of anything. He is really _________.

- - - -

Finish the sentences with the following words:
[ courteous – cowardly – obvious – rough – innocent – foreign ]

14. The boy was not very gentle with the cat. He held it upside-down and was very _____________ with it.

15. The doctor listened attentively to all my questions and was very patient. She was a _____________ doctor.

16. When I first came to Kyrgyzstan, everything was different. It was all ________________ to me.

17. The lion was afraid of the dark, afraid of mice, and afraid of people. He was a ________________ lion!

18. The police said the man stole money from the bank. But it wasn’t true. The man was really ________________.

19. The answer was so easy to see that it was ________________.

- - - -

Finish the sentences with the following words:
[ succeed – argued – bold – punished – educated – failed – get along ]

20. If you cheat at school, you will be _________________.

21. I did terribly on the test – I _________________.

22. The two brothers are always fighting. They never ______________.

23. She finished seven years of university at Oxford. She is very ________________.

24. His parents got a divorce because they always ______________ about everything.

25. He is never shy in class. He says anything he wants – he is very ______________.

26. I have to study a lot because my parents want me to ______________ in school.

Check your answers.

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