Teacher's Notes: More Antonyms

These antonyms make up the second set of more difficult words. Many but not all appear in stories they have read or will read. This exercise can be used at any point you feel it is appropriate or useful for your students. The more examples you can provide for each word, the better. Some words will be review from the Essential Antonyms set.

There are two activities to practice these new words, and they can be used in the order you prefer. The worksheet consists of sentence completion using the new words. The picture review is way to reinforce the vocab in a different way. These pictures are intended to be visual cues for the antonyms. Ask the students what pairs of antonyms they can come up with to describe the pictures. More than one answer is perfectly fine. Some possibilities are listed below in the answers section.

New Words (Antonym Pairs)

reward – punish
familiar – foreign
succeed – fail
argue – get along
accept – refuse
courteous - inconsiderate
ignorant – educated
obvious – unclear
energetic – tired
confident – doubtful
forbid – allow
brave – cowardly
shy – bold
guilty – innocent
crazy – sane
gentle – rough

Worksheet Answers

Sentences: 1. inconsiderate, 2. confident, 3. ignorant, 4. unclear, 5. refused, 6. energetic, 7. shy, 8. forbid, 9. guilty, 10. doubtful, 11. crazy, 12. reward, 13. brave, 14. rough, 15. courteous, 16. foreign, 17. cowardly, 18. innocent, 19. obvious, 20. punished, 21. failed, 22. get along, 23. educated, 24. argued, 25. bold, 26. succeed

Picture Review: Some possibilities for the pictures are:

1.confident/sure – doubtful/unsure
2.shy – bold
3.educated – ignorant
4.argue/fight – get along
5.inconsiderate – courteous, or rude – polite

6.rough – gentle, or mean – kind
7.tired/exhausted – energetic
8.brave – cowardly

9.admit – deny, or guilty - innocent
10.succeed – fail
11.allow – forbid
12.punish – reward

13.accept – refuse (teach “offer” for the middle picture)
14.foreign – familiar

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