Practice: Sir Gabriel and the King's Riddle

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Match the synonyms:

announce             to speak unclearly
command             to find the answer
riddle                 happy
clever                 to order
stern                 be careful
solve                 to say to a big group of people
mumble             a difficult question, puzzle
beware               intelligent
joyful                 strict

- - - -

Match the synonyms:

eager                 to get smaller
patient               yell angrily
just                   right, not wrong
nonsense             to find something new
reach                 fair and honest
risky                 happy about something in the future
shrink               words that mean nothing
hopeless             dangerous
boom                 waiting calmly
discover             to come to, arrive
howl                 without hope
correct               to say loudly

- - - -

Finish the sentences with these words:
[ determined - waste - rotting - try - except - recognize ]

1. I don’t know if I can help you, but I will ___________.
2. I ___________ you because I saw you yesterday at the park.
3. He is ___________ to learn English. He studies five hours every day.
4. I couldn’t go to the party, but all my friends went. Everyone was at the party __________ me.
5. This apple has been on the table for three weeks and now it is __________.
6. My mother says watching TV is a __________ of time.

- - - -

Match with the pictures:
[ tears – crown – knight – bubbles - poison ]

- - - -

Finish the sentences with these words:
[ mumbles - beware - announced - stern - excited - poison - crown ]

1. The president __________ that the war is over.
2. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I am very ___________!
3. The princess wore a beautiful __________ on her head.
4. I can never understand what he says because he __________.
5. The teacher makes us work very hard and we never play games. She is __________.
6. If you drink __________, you will die.
7. __________ of the big dog! It is dangerous.

- - - -

Finish the sentences with these words:
[ risky - solve - bubble - clever - sighed - reached - joyful - shrink ]

8. The boy knew the answer to every question. He was very _________.
9. I don’t want to go bungee jumping. I think it’s too __________.
10. We had a _________ celebration for the new year.
11. Don’t wash your sweater because it will _________.
12. Tonight I must do math, English, science, and history homework. I sat down at my desk, looked at my books, and _________.
13. When the soup got very hot, it began to __________.
14. We walked for two hours and finally we _________ the river.
15. I have a problem. Can you help me __________ it?

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