Self Study: The King's Riddle

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To help learn the new words and expressions from The King's Riddle, read these sample sentences. Each sentence gives a natural example of how to use one of the new words. Use the sentence to figure out the meaning of each underlined word.

Do you like riddles? I will tell you one riddle. This is an example of a riddle: “What has three eyes and one foot?”

Can you solve the riddle? Can you find the answer?

Do you need a hint? I will tell you one hint: It is something you see on the road. Do you need another hint? Here is another hint: It has three colors – red, yellow, and green. Did you solve it? The answer is a stoplight. You can also say a traffic light.

Another word for a hint is a clue. Detectives use clues to solve a mystery. Sherlock Holmes loves riddles, puzzles, and mysteries. He finds clues to solve them.

What makes you excited? Students are usually excited for the first day of school because they will see their friends again after the summer. Children are always excited for Christmas. I am always excited before traveling to a new country or going on vacation. New adventures are exciting.

Some people think video games are exciting. Sometimes in these games, the characters have to go on quests. A quest is a mission or a job. You have to find something.

The president will announce his new tax plan today.
The teacher will announce who won the writing contest.
Listen to the radio for announcements about today's activities

The children were eager to hear Grandpa's new story. They were ready to listen. They were looking forward to it.

A knight is a man who wears armor, carries a sword and a shield, and rides a horse. He protects his king and the castle. A knight is very brave.

The king and queen wear crowns on their head.

The king commanded his servants to prepare a feast.
The president gave the command to attack.
Your wish is my command.

The little boy was very clever. He was only four, but he could already read.

The girls started screaming when they saw Justin Bieber at the concert. They could not contain themselves!
I was so angry when I saw that the dogs had destroyed my house. I could hardly contain myself.

What rules do you have in your school? One rule is no running. Another rule is no talking in class.

The teacher was very stern. She was strict and serious and had many rules. If you didn't follow the rules, you got in trouble. She didn't smile very much.

When you have to wait a long time for something, you have to be patient. It's hard to be patient. Children are usually impatient - not patient - because they don't like to wait.

Give everyone two pieces of chocolate. If everyone has two, it will be fair. If one child has ten, that's not fair. We should try to be fair and just.
A police man should be just.

If you really want something and you won't give up, you are determined to do it.
I am determined to learn Spanish.
The girl is determined to exercise and get healthy. Nothing will stop her.

I could hear my little brother mumble something in his sleep, but I couldn't understand what he said.
My mother says I mumble too much. She says I should speak clearly.

This book says you can lose 12 pounds in a week. What nonsense!
My little sister likes to make up nonsense songs. They don't mean anything.

After we drive for three hours, we will reach Canada.
That book is too high on this shelf. I can't reach it.

My sister likes to chew gum. She can blow huge bubbles.
I saw bubbles in the water where the fish were swimming.
The soap made lots of bubbles in the bathtub. Do you like to take bubble baths?
Water will bubble when it boils.

Some snakes are poisonous. They have poison in their teeth.
Don't drink poison! You might die.
Romeo died because he drank poison.

When you sigh, you breathe out. You are usually sad when you sigh.
I really wanted to go to the park today, but it started to rain. I looked out the window and sighed.
You can also sigh when you're happy. Maybe you wake up early, make a cup of coffee, and sigh happily thinking about your peaceful day to yourself.

Don't waste your time watching TV.
I only have a little bit of money, so I want to buy something good. I don't want to waste it on something that will break.
My grandmother hates to waste food. She wants us to eat everything on our plates.

You didn't make the basketball team? It's ok, next time you can give it another try.

Being a firefighter is a risky job.
My parents don't want me to go sky diving because they think it's too risky.

If you leave an apple on the table for weeks, it will start to rot.
The dead tree in the forest is rotting.

Beware of the dog! He can bite.
My mom always tells me to be careful. She says to beware of thieves, dark streets, and drunk people.

Harry Potter lost his mom and dad, so his aunt and uncle are his guardians.

Holidays are joyful times for families.
The new mother looked joyful when she held her baby.

Don't get my leather shoes wet – they might shrink.
Oh no! After I washed this shirt, it shrank and now it's too small for me!
I tried to shrink down in my chair when the teacher asked the class a question that I didn't know the answer to.

School starts in ten minutes and I'm not done with my homework. I guess it's hopeless!
Our team is losing the game 12-1. We can't win. I think it's hopeless.

Even my brother had tears in his eyes when we watched Titanic.
She didn't like anyone to see her cry, so she quickly wiped away her tears.
“What's wrong?” the mother exclaimed when she saw her daughter in tears.

I jumped in fright when I heard the thunder boom.
“What happened?!” my father boomed when he saw me with the broken TV.

I hadn't seen my cousin for five years. She looked different, but I still recognized her.
Wow, you got a haircut! I almost didn't recognize you!

I lost my keys again. Will you help me search for them?
Everyone helped search for the lost child.

Scientists are excited when they discover a new species of animal or plant.
When I became roommates with one of my friends, I discovered all kinds of things about him that I didn't know before.

Wolves often howl at the moon.
We all froze when we heard a howl in the distance.

You don't like chocolate? Everyone loves chocolate – except you.
I forgot my homework. Everyone gave their papers to the teacher except me.

For the test, you have to circle the correct answer.
You were born in California; is that correct?

No talking, please. I need silence while I am working.
We heard a scream and then only silence.

A bog is a place with grass, trees, and water. It is very wet and sometimes it smells.
Frogs, turtles, and insects live in bogs.

How long does it take to fly from New York to Europe? It takes about 7 hours.
I hate shopping with my sister. It takes her a very long time to decide what to buy.

My friend didn't want to do anything today. I asked her if she wanted to go swimming, but she just shook her head and said no thanks.

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