Practice: How the Zebra Got her Stripes

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Match the synonyms:

cheerful           excited
wish                 come near
leap                 desire
shade               happy
eager               color
approach           like better
prefer               jump

- - - -

Match the synonyms:

remain                     fed up
brilliant                     decide
mysterious                 bright, shiny
pure                         lines
exasperated               secret, unknown
make up your mind     stay
delighted                   100%, completely
stripes                       pleased

- - - -

Answer the questions:

1. When are you exasperated?
  a. after you finish your homework
  b. when your little brother asks you to play with him 25 times
  c. when it’s time for bed and you’re not sleepy

2.If you are drinking pure lemon juice, it is …
  a.lemon juice with water
  b.lemon juice with apple juice
  c.only lemon juice

3.If you are overcome with grief, you are …
  a.very, very sad
  b.a little sad
  c.not sad at all

4.A palette is for …
  b.artists drivers

5.If you change your mind a lot, you …
  a.can’t decide
  b.forget everything
  c.are crazy

- - - -

Finish the sentences with these words:
[ wish – stripes – overcome – remained – snorted ]

1. My sister ___________ because she thought my idea was stupid.

2. I was _____________ with happiness when I learned how to snowboard.

3. If you wear clothes with vertical ____________, you look thinner.

4. The mother ____________ in the room while her child fell asleep.

5. I ______________ I had a million dollars.

- - - -

Finish the sentences with these words:
[ shade – pure – prefer – leaped – make up my mind – desire – exasperated]

6. I don’t want to watch a movie. I ___________ to read a book.

7. I can’t _____________ about which socks to wear to school.

8. My sister’s lipstick is an ugly _____________ of red.

9. I am ______________ because a drunk man has been knocking on my door for an hour!

10. The cat _____________ out the window when it heard the dog barking.

11. My biggest ______________ is to see Nepal.

12. My dog is _____________ poodle; he is not mixed.

Check your answers.

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