Self Study: How the Zebra Got Her Stripes

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To help learn the new words and expressions from How the Zebra Got Her Stripes, read these sample sentences. Each sentence gives a natural example of how to use one of the new words. Use the sentence to figure out the meaning of each underlined word.

Their black and white stripes makes zebras unique animals.

Flamingos are a pinkish color and have long legs.

I love to see the peacock displaying his colorful purple, green and gold tail.

The artist used his palette to mix the perfect colors for his painting.
I gave my sister a palette for her birthday because she wants to be a real artist.

I used a very small paintbrush to paint the details in the forest I was making.

When you blew out your birthday candles, what did you wish for?
Seeing the African savannah has always been my greatest wish.

When my favorite character died at the end of the movie, I was overcome with sadness.
My mother was overcome with happiness when she found out she was going to be a grandmother.
If you come from a poor family, there are many challenges you must overcome to get a good education.

I didn’t realize I could move so quickly, but when I saw that huge dog chasing me, I ran through the field and leaped over the fence.
Did you ever play Leap Frog when you were little? You take turns jumping over each other!

Black-and-white photography takes real skill. Without color, the photo depends entirely on shades of grey.
What shade of blue do you think would look the best in my kitchen?
It’s so hot today! All I want to do is get some ice cream and sit in the shade.

The little girl was so eager to start school that she woke up at 5:30 a.m. for her first day.

I could see the train approaching in the distance.
I find it difficult to approach new people. I don’t like talking to strangers.
This is a big project. What is your approach to getting it done?

When my little brother whined that he didn’t have any toys, my mother gave a great snort. No one has more toys than my baby brother.
Our teacher told us that we would love reading Shakespeare. A few boys in the back snorted – obviously, they didn’t agree.

When it comes to movies, I almost always prefer to read the book before seeing the movie. Usually, the book is so much better.

When my family all decided to go to the mall, I remained at home to have some peace and quiet.
I can’t wait for summer. There are only a few days of school remaining.
When everyone was discussing their opinions about the university, why did you remain quiet?

That’s the best idea I’ve heard all day! You’re brilliant!
My brother learned to read when he was four. All the teachers think he’s brilliant.
The berries were a brilliant red against the green leaves.
Her diamond ring shone brilliantly in the sunlight.

Tell me the deepest desire of your heart. What do you want most in the world?
Though she had everything money could buy, the girl had one simple desire: friends.
More than anything, the boy desired to choose his own path instead of following in his father’s footsteps.

Last year, you wanted to be an engineer. Now, you want to be an English teacher. Why did you change your mind?
Just choose a topic for your project now. You can always change your mind later if you want to do something else.

This menu is huge and everything looks delicious! I just can’t make up my mind on what to order.
You need to start applying to universities. You should make up your mind soon about which ones to apply to.

The old and wrinkled teacher smiled when she saw her students shyly passing love notes in class. After all, she had been young once, too.
But you have to help me with my homework today! You promised, after all.

I lovingly brushed my horse’s coat after each time I rode her.
Some rabbits can change the color of their coat depending on the season. Their fur is white in the winter, but brown in the spring.

I love walking in the mountains, where the air is so pure.
The boy, who was so wild during the day, had a look of pure innocence on his face while he slept.
What shirt do you like better, the one with stripes or the pure red one?

I have shown my uncle how to check his email 20 times already. I know he is going to ask for help again today, because he can never remember. I’m completely exasperated with him!

I don’t know how my mom can be so cheerful in the morning. She always smiles and says, “Good morning!” when I drag myself down to breakfast.

I found it very mysterious that my friends were whispering to each other when I walked in. What are they planning?

When I called my mom to wish her happy Mother’s Day, she was absolutely delighted to hear from me.

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