Teacher's Notes: Snow White (Easy Version)

For this story, students have a jumbled version of Snow White followed by illustrations of the story in order. Students can either cut out the paragraphs and lay them over the part of the story they describe, or simply number the paragraphs in the correct order. Especially for younger students, I really like the hands-on approach of picking up part of the story, reading it, and placing it where it belongs. It can also be moved easily if it is in the wrong place.

The first worksheet focuses on new vocabulary in a visual manner. I tend to do a lot with visual depictions of vocab because it’s a non-verbal way of imparting meaning. The second page has fill-in sentences, which are, in my opinion, vital examples of how a word can be used, followed by verb pairing recognition.

New Words

run away

Verbs to Review:

look for
wake up

Worksheet Answers

Putting story in correct order: 1. Snow White was a beautiful and kind girl. 2. But she had an evil stepmother … 3. The stepmother wanted to be the most beautiful … 4. The stepmother was so jealous … 5. But the servant could not kill her … 6. In the house lived seven little dwarves … 7. But the stepmother was angry … 8. The stepmother gave Snow White an apple … 9. When the dwarves saw Snow White, they started to cry. 10. Then a prince came … 11. The prince married Snow White …

Match with pictures: (left to right) order, mirror, poison, cry, woods, servant, run away, angry, disguise, kiss, castle, dwarf, fall

Sentences: 1. mirror, 2. ordered, 3. dwarf, 4. jealous, 5. disguised

Verbs (present and past): 1. go, went, 2. marry, married, 3. have, had, 4. say, said, 5. come, came, 6. can, could, 7. see, saw, 8. find, found, 9. fall, fell, 10. want, wanted, 11. is, was

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