To the Student: This story is not in order! It is mixed up. You have to decide what happens first, second, third, and so on. Use the pictures to put the story together correctly and number the sentences 1 - 11.

Snow White

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Version by Tamara Kula

___ When the dwarves saw Snow White, they started to cry.

___ But the servant could not kill her. Snow White ran away into the woods and found a little house.

___ But she had an evil step-mother. The step-mother had a magic mirror.

___ The prince married Snow White and they went to live in the castle.

___ The step-mother was so jealous. She ordered her servant to kill Snow White in the woods.

___ Then a prince came and kissed Snow White. She woke up. She wasn’t dead!

___ In the little house lived seven little dwarves! They loved Snow White.

___ Snow White was a beautiful and kind girl.

___ The step-mother wanted to be the most beautiful woman in the world. But the mirror said that Snow White was the most beautiful.

___ But the step-mother was angry. She came to look for Snow White. She was disguised as an old woman.

___ The step-mother gave Snow White an apple. But the apple was poison and Snow White fell to the ground!

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