Practice: Beauty and the Beast

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Match each underlined word to its synonym below.

One day I was walking with my dog Sparky in the woods. Suddenly, Sparky saw a rabbit and started to chase it! Of course, I started chasing Sparky, who was chasing the rabbit. Soon I was completely lost in the woods, and I couldn’t see my dog anywhere. I was worried that there might be wolves in the woods … Then I heard a loud roar.

Find the synonyms in the story:

1. wild dogs: ___________
2. run after: _____________
3. forest: ____________
4. upset, bothered: ____________
5. animal noise, growl: ______________

- - - -

Behind me was a hideous beast! I was terrified. I started to run, and the beast chased me. Luckily, I saw a tiny house straight ahead. I barely escaped the beast and entered the house. It was very small and cozy. Nobody was around.

Find the synonyms:

1. fortunately: ______________
2. go into: _______________
3. ugly: ________________
4. comfortable: _____________
5. scared: ______________
6. hardly: _______________

- - - -

Suddenly the beast broke through the door! “Please don’t eat me!!” I begged, feeling very frightened for my life. The beast looked at me and said, “I will release you if you do something for me.” “I will do anything you want,” I agreed. “I promise!”

Find the synonyms:

1. scared, afraid: ___________
2. swear: _______________
3. ask, plead: _____________
4. let go free: ______________
5. think the same way: ________________

- - - -

The beast came closer. “If you give me a kiss, you can go free,” he said. I didn’t want to kiss such a hideous beast, but I really wanted to return to my home. I missed my dog Sparky. So I kissed the beast. Suddenly the beast transformed into a handsome prince! I couldn’t believe it. The young man was overjoyed.

Find the synonyms:

1. change into: _____________
2. good-looking: ______________
3. want to see someone: ___________
4. very happy: ______________
5. go back: _______________

- - - -

“Thank you!” he told me. “I have been in the woods for 20 years waiting for somebody to break the spell. I was so lonely. I thought I would stay here forever. Now I want to do something for you.”

Before I could do anything, the man gently kissed me. I felt very strange. I was transforming into … oh no! a rabbit! I hopped outside and ran toward the edge of the woods. I could hear Sparky barking

Find the synonyms:

1. jump: ______________
2. alone: _____________
3. softly: _____________
4. dog noise: ______________
5. always: _____________
6. outside: _______________

- - - - - - - -

Finish the sentences with these words: [ promise – barely – terrified – returned – get lost – chasing ]

1.I ____________ arrived home before it started to rain.
2.I don’t know this city very well, so I often ______________.
3.The thief ran outside and down the street, but when he looked back, he saw that the police were ___________ him.
4.After a year in France, I ___________ to my home in America.
5.Don’t worry about the test – I _____________ that I will help you study.
6.I was _____________ when I saw the spider in my bed.

- - - -

Finish the sentences with these words: [ straight ahead – basement – worry – lonely – entered – released – roared ]

7.I knocked on the door, but no one answered, so I opened the door and __________ the room.
8.A tornado is coming, so we will go to the _______________.
9.The lion ____________ when it attacked the antelope.
10.Don’t go right or left. My house is _________________.
11.If you don’t come home at night, your mother will ______________.
12.After spending five years in jail, the prisoner was ______________.
13.All my friends are on vacation, so I am very _______________ today.

- - - -

Finish the sentences with these words: [ miss – gentle – around – begged – luckily – transformed ]

14.I ________________ my parents for a new bike because I really, really wanted it.
15.When I am in a different country, I _____________ my family and friends.
16.When she kissed the frog, it ________________ into a young prince.
17.I forgot to clean my room, but ______________, my mom wasn’t angry.
18.When you are on an island, there is water all ____________ you.
19.The baby-sitter was very _____________ when she held the small baby.

- - - -

Finish the sentences with these words: [ overjoyed – handsome – free – agreed – forever – frightened – cozy ]

20.My mother asked me to help her cook dinner, so I ____________ to do it.
21.She was _____________ when she got an A on the test.
22. My brother captured a snake, but I took it into the woods to ______________ it.
23. The room was small but comfortable – it was very ______________.
24. I was _______________ when I saw the terrible monster in the movie.
25. He told me he would love me ________________.
26. Everyone thought the prince was very _______________.

Check your answers.

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