To the Student: The pictures below show the story of Beauty and the Beast, left to right. After the pictures, you will find the story, but the story is not in order. It is mixed up. Put the story in order by matching each paragraph to its picture.

Beauty and the Beast

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Version by Tamara Kula

Put the story in order:

___ Beauty was overjoyed. Her father was so surprised and happy to see her. Beauty forgot all about the beast for nine days. But on the ninth day, she had a strange dream that the beast was dying.

___ Beauty was worried about her father. She took a horse and rode into the woods – and she found the old castle. When she saw the hideous beast, she was very frightened.

___ But Beauty missed her father very much. One day the beast decided to let Beauty go home to visit her father. “But promise me you will come back to the castle in eight days,” said the beast.

___ “Please release my father!” Beauty begged. “You can take me in his place.” The beast agreed. He freed the old man and locked Beauty in the prison.

___ Suddenly a great beast appeared. “What are you doing in my castle?!” the beast roared. The old man was terrified. The beast locked the man in a small prison in the basement.

___ “You must stay with me forever,” the beast told Beauty, “and your father must never return.” Beauty started to cry. The beast didn't want Beauty to be sad, so he tried to make her happy. He let her walk around the castle wherever she wanted.

___ Many, many days passed, and Beauty decided that the beast was not as terrible as she had thought. They often talked together, and the beast was really gentle and lonely.

___ He just barely escaped the wolves! He carefully entered the castle and looked around. There was a cozy fire and a table of food. He was so hungry that he started to eat.

___ Suddenly something magical happened! The beast transformed into a handsome, young prince. Beauty’s love broke the evil spell. Beauty and the beast were married soon after, and Beauty’s father came to live in the castle.

___ Beauty lived with her kind, old father and her two greedy sisters. Beauty was the most beautiful daughter, and she also had the kindest heart.

___ One day their father went on a business trip. While he was coming home, he got lost in the woods. Wolves started to chase him. Luckily, he saw an old castle straight ahead.

___ She woke up quickly. “The beast! I must go back! He is dying!” When she entered the castle, she found the beast on the floor. He was very weak and almost dead. “Don’t die – I love you,” she whispered.

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