To the student: When you read this story, you will come to parts that are missing. Complete the sentences with the choices below each section.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

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Version by Tamara Kula

Part 1

Snow White was a beautiful girl. Her hair was as black as night, her lips were as red as roses, and _____________________________. Snow White’s mother died when she was very young. Her father wanted Snow White to have a mother, ______________________________________________. But the woman he married was an evil woman who detested Snow White.

The step-mother was a vain and selfish woman. She cared only about her beauty. Every day she _____________________________________. It was not an ordinary mirror – it was a magic mirror. Every day she asked it, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the loveliest of them all?” The mirror always responded that, of course, _________________________________________________. And the step-mother was satisfied.

As Snow White grew up, she became more and more beautiful. One day when the wicked step-mother asked the mirror who was the loveliest of them all, the mirror said, “My lady, you are beautiful. But ________________________________________________.”

  • the step-mother was the most beautiful lady in the land
  • her skin was as white as snow
  • spent hours in front of her mirror
  • there is another who is even more beautiful
  • so he decided to remarry

    - - - -

    Part 2

    The step-mother was outraged. “What!?” she cried. “_________________________________________,” she demanded. The mirror replied, “Snow White is the loveliest girl in all the land.” The step-mother was so jealous that she started to think up an evil plan to get rid of her step-daughter. She called her servant and told him to take Snow White __________________________________________. “Tomorrow, I will be the loveliest in the land again,” said the step-mother with a cruel smile.

    The servant led Snow White deep into the woods, but he could not shoot her. He had a kind heart. Instead, he told Snow White, “_________________________________________ and never return to your home!”

    Snow White was very frightened. She didn’t know where to go. She ran through the trees until _______________________________________. Snow White was very curious to know who lived there, so she knocked on the door. No one answered, so she carefully _________________________________________.

    “Hello? Is anybody home?” she called, but the house was silent. Everything was so small and extremely messy! The dishes were stacked nearly to the ceiling, and the floor ___________________________________________________.

  • opened the tiny door and stepped inside
  • was covered with clothes, sand, and mud
  • tell me who is the most beautiful
  • you must run far, far away
  • deep into the woods and shoot her
  • she saw a very small cabin

    - - - -

    Part 3

    There were seven little chairs around a cluttered table. Everything was disorganized. Snow White couldn’t stand to see such a mess, so she ______________________________________. She washed the dishes, swept the floor, washed the clothes and hung them to dry. She organized everything and finally ______________________________. “That’s so much better!” said Snow White, looking around in satisfaction.

    She yawned. After so much cleaning, ________________________________________. She decided to go upstairs to look for a place to sleep, and at the top of the miniature staircase, she found not one, but seven tiny beds! She lay down across all of them and ______________________________________. When at last she woke up again, she saw seven curious little faces peering at her. They were dwarves!

    “Hello, my name is Snow White,” she said, introducing herself. At first, the dwarves were so surprised that they were speechless, ____________________________________. The dwarves were named Sleepy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Happy, Bashful, Doc, and Dopey.

    When Snow White told them about her wicked step-mother, the dwarves said, “Oh, Snow White, ______________________________! We are delighted to have you here!”

  • the room was neat and tidy
  • fell fast asleep
  • immediately started to clean
  • you must stay and live with us
  • Snow White was exhausted
  • but then they began to talk

    - - - -

    Part 4

    Snow White happily accepted their invitation. She cooked delicious meals for them, kept their cabin sparkling clean, and even tucked them in at night and gave them a goodnight kiss. They all _____________________________________.

    But when the step-mother discovered that Snow White was not dead, ______________________. She ordered her magic mirror to tell her where Snow White was hiding. Then she disguised herself as a kind, old woman with a basket of poison apples and set off into the forest. She soon found Snow White and _________________________________. “Thank you very much, kind woman,” said Snow White. She took a bite of the apple and immediately ______________________. The step-mother laughed and disappeared into the woods. When the seven dwarves returned home, they found Snow White on the ground. They all began to cry because _____________________________.

    Just then, a prince came riding through the forest on his horse. When he saw Snow White, he was fascinated and he came closer. The dwarves watched in surprise as the prince bent down and kissed Snow White’s rose-red lips. Suddenly, ___________________________! The dwarves were amazed – she wasn’t dead! Of course, the prince married Snow White and they went to live in his castle. But Snow White often returned to the forest to visit her little friends.

  • fell to the ground
  • got along wonderfully
  • Snow White’s eyes opened
  • she was furious
  • they thought she was dead
  • offered her an apple

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