Review: Skippy Fishback, Chapters 3 and 4

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Use these words to provide an example for each phrase:

[a lion - an arrow - a train - a hot air balloon - ears - a diamond - a shield - a wolf - a hurricane - wings - a baby ]

Find something that ...

1. holds passengers: _______________

2. can flap: ___________

3. can block: __________

4. can be pierced: ___________

5. can roar: ________

6. can howl: ___________

7. can whirl: ___________

8. to shoot with: ___________

9. is helpless: ____________

10. will rise: ___________

11. glistens: ___________

- - - -

Choose the end of the sentence that makes the most sense.

1. Our new flag was tattered
a. when we bought it
b. after the big storm
c. because it was expensive

2. He slammed the door because
a. the baby was asleep
b. he was glad
c. he was angry

3. The tightrope walker looked precarious because he looked
a. scared
b. like he was going to fall
c. confident and calm

4. There is always a lot of destruction after
a. a tornado
b. an English lesson
c. a new neighbor moves in

5. That boy looks familiar to me because
a. I have never seen him before
b. he was in my class last year

6. School is a struggle for him because
a. he doesn't like to study
b. it is easy
c. he loves school

7. I plunged into
a. the park
b. the swimming pool
c. my house

- - - -

Find the end of each sentence. These are the beginnings of 16 different sentences. You must match each of them to an ending that makes sense below.

Sentence Beginnings:

1. After a long, tiring day at school,

2. After we defeat the opposing team tomorrow,

3. My little sister burst into tears because

4. I am a very honest person, so

5. When I look up at the stars in the sky,

6. Kindergarten teachers must be very enthusiastic so that

7. I want to be a scientist because

8. After I work all summer,

9. Everyone loves to admire the Eiffel Tower because

10. The kitchen is a mess because

11. If you fall overboard,

12. I tickled my little sister until

13. When I simultaneously do my homework and watch TV,

14. My dog is monstrous, but

15. I walked so slowly to school that

16. After a barrage of hail poured from the sky,

Sentence Endings

A. the children will pay attention.

B. he is actually a stupid and affectionate beast.

C. it is such a well-known and impressive building.

D. I will throw you a life jacket.

E. we started to run home.

F. we will celebrate with a big party.

G. I make too many mistakes.

H. I collapsed on my bed.

I. I had to admit that I ate all the cookies.

J. she begged for mercy.

K. she dropped her ice cream cone.

L. I barely arrived in time.

M. I am always filled with wonder.

N. I will be able to afford university.

O. I have always dreamed of making new discoveries.

P. I knocked over a big bowl of tomato sauce.

Check your answers.

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