Review: Skippy Fishback, Chapters 1 and 2

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Choose the best answer.

1. An annual event happens
a. every week
b. every month
c. every year

2. I panicked because
a. I was lost in a foreign country
b. I ate too much
c. I saw my best friend

3. He is a natural runner, so
a. he runs slowly
b. he runs awkwardly
c. he runs very well

4. I couldn’t catch up to the group because they
a. were laughing at me
b. forgot about me
c. were running too fast

5. My uncle was distraught when
a. he won $1,000
b. he lost his job
c. his lamp broke

6. To see many species you should go to
a. the zoo
b. the post office
c. the football stadium

7. You hold your breath when
a. you are sleeping
b. you swim underwater
c. you run a race

8. You are naked when
a. you go to school
b. you take a shower
c. you drive a car

9. When I arrived at my friend’s
house, I retreated because
a. my friend welcomed me inside
b. it started to rain
c. my friend’s dog was growling

10. My girlfriend bewilders me because
a. she always does things I don’t understand
b. she is boring
c. she always talks on the phone

11. I shouted with glee because
a. I was angry with my brother
b. my brother jumped out and scared me
c. I was so happy to see my brother

12. An example of a predator is
a. a cow
b. a crocodile
c. a bee

13. My backpack burdened me, so
a. I walked slowly up the hill
b. I hiked quickly up the hill
c. I was in a good mood

14. Something that will float is
a. a rock
b. a piece of wood
c. a key

15.We were captivated by the movie
a. so everyone was talking to each other
b. so we turned it off
c. so we paid close attention

16. Something that will bounce is
a. an egg
b. a basketball
c. a pillow

- - - -

Find the end of each sentence. These are the beginnings of 18 different sentences. You must match each of them to an ending that makes sense below.

Sentence Beginnings:

1. Don’t splash me because

2. I came across a lost kitten while I was walking, so

3. The cars are sliding today because

4. My dog hurt one of her limbs, so

5. I like to fly kites because

6. I don’t think I will ever be a professional dancer because

7. I can’t wait to start my new job;

8. It always takes a long time to part after visiting my friend because

9. I apologized 10 times to my aunt because

10. The child squirmed in my arms because

11. I gasped when I saw my apartment because

12. If I make a bee angry,

13. When I solve math problems,

14. When I was young, I had no serious problems, but now

15. My dog likes to bury everything; that’s why

16. I can’t sleep if

17. On gloomy-weather days

18. I love going to my cousin’s house because

Sentence Endings

A. my life is not so carefree now.

B. I stay inside and read a book.

C. I hate saying goodbye.

D. it will sting me.

E. I don’t want to get wet.

F. I always have a blast.

G. everything had been stolen.

H. the roads are icy.

I. I feel restless at the end of the day.

J. I love watching them soar in the air.

K. I’ve been anticipating it all month.

L. I am going to keep it.

M. she is walking on three legs.

N. I found my remote-control in the garden.

O. she wanted to go play.

P. I am not very graceful.

Q. I spilled coffee on her new rug.

R. I have to concentrate very hard.

Check your answers.

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