Riddles, Wuzzles, and Hink Pinks

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Hink Pinks

Hink Pinks:

1. paperback thief
2. lengthy tune
3. closet to keep a sweeping tool
4. light red beverage
5. small buzzing insect that is not wet
6. large group of people that is noisy
7. stinging insect that doesn't cost money
8. unhappy father
9. a tidy road
10. fast elevator
11. a meat burglar
12. heartless ruler
13. rosy psychologist
14. out of control kid
15. angry supervisor
16. an extra seat
17. a number shower
18. simple locomotive

Hinky Pinkies:

1. a rabbit that tells jokes
2. a fake horse
3. a friend who fell in wet dirt
4. sneaky woman
5. improved symbol of the alphabet
6. gloves for baby cats
7. a happy flying elf
8. twice as many problems
9. a lousy stomach

Hinkity Pinkities:

1. an evil preacher
2. a malfunctioning sleuth
3. stopping school punishment from happening
4. two drums talking
5. don't forget the last month of the year
6. a place where the national leader lives


Riddles Answers, first set: a person, a stapler, a glove, air, silence/promise/heart, the letter m, glasses, a cigarette, nothing, a stamp.

Riddles Answers, Second set: a clock, a candle, a match, a sponge, incorrectly, strengths, footsteps, an egg, a keyboard, an envelope, a doorbell, a secret, an onion, fire.

Wuzzles Answers, first set: (left to right) falling star, 10 minutes before 2:00, at the end of time, spaceship, shut down, waterfall, downpour, fat chance, thunderstorm, decide, falling temperatures, backing up, quarterback, broken heart, touchdown, head in the sand, jack in the box, get in shape, right between the eyes, Dr. Doolittle, to be or not to be, down payment, too bad, all in all, mini skirt, foreign policy, high frequency, eyes on the back of my head, the last dance, bedspread, leftovers, back in five minutes, working overtime, tulips.

Wuzzles Answers, Second set: I understand, coffee break, just between you and me, good afternoon, three little pigs, growing old, missing you, over my dead body, right answer, forever and ever, scrambled eggs, sandbox, man overboard, shape up, just in time, backward glance, once in a while, misunderstand, the day after tomorrow, neon light, double agent, bad influence, high chair, love at first sight, waterfall, look before you leap, Tuesday, upstairs

Hink Pinks Answers, first set: book crook, long song, broom room, pink drink, dry fly, loud crowd, free bee, sad dad, neat street, swift lift, beef thief, mean queen, pink shrink, wild child, cross boss, spare chair, math bath, plain train.

Hinky Pinkies Answers: funny bunny, phony pony, muddy buddy, shady lady, better letter, kittens' mittens, merry fairy, double trouble, crummy tummy

Hinkity Pinkities Answers: sinister minister, defective detective, detention prevention, percussion discussion, remember December, president's residence

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