Teacher's Notes: The Red Baseball Cap

This story is in the form of a play, making it fun to read in class, with different students reading each part. (One student can even read the Narrator's lines.) It works especially well in a small class, but it can work in larger classes as well. Students can take turns reading parts or work in groups. The format of this story tends to keep everyone’s attention well, as the students have to pay attention for their turn to read. The nature of the story is funny and confusing, and hopefully students will want to keep up with the plot simply for the storyline itself. Since this story is almost pure dialogue, it doesn’t have as many new words, but it introduces several new conversational expressions.

New Words

piece of cake
you better
gonna (going to)
set an example
go straight (= be honest)
to be up for something (in the mood for)
hang around
storm away
whatever!(I don't care/what you say isn't important to me.)
what are you up to?
hang up (the phone)
it fits (clothes)
hide and seek
hold for ransom
for goodness’ sake
never mind

Worksheet Answers

Underlined word meanings: 1. should, have to, 2. really want something, 3. spend time, 4. leave angrily, 5. carefully, 6. panicked, 7. sad, depressed, 8. become honest, 9. driving too fast, 10. mistrusting
Match with definition: rob – to steal; piece of cake – very easy; respectable – having a good reputation; hide-and-seek – a game of searching for hidden children; kidnap – stealing a child; ransom – money you must pay to get a stolen child back; conscience – a little voice inside that tells you what is right and wrong; never mind – it’s not important; choke – when you can’t breathe because of something stuck in your throat; pause – stop for a short time; gasp – a noise you make when shocked or scared
Sentences: 1. fit, 2. ransom, 3. deeds, 4. dazed, 5. conscience, 6. choke, 7. pause, 8. dejected, 9. gasped, 10. better, 11. robbed, 12. tentatively

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