Practice: The Princess and the Pea

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1.Why was Madeline running away?
2.Why did she go to the castle?
3.What did the prince think about Madeline?
4.What was strange about the princess’s bed?
5.Why was she exhausted in the morning?
6.How did the prince know that she was a princess?
7.What did she do that night?
8.Why did she agree to marry the prince?

Match the synonyms.

run away         certainly, really
definitely       surprised
horrible         terrible
polite           shiny
lie               leave home
sparkling       beautiful
shocked         courteous
gorgeous       shout
exclaim         when you say something that is not true

Match the vocabulary with the pictures:
[ fancy – blow – field – lightning – knock – wet – doubtful – mattress – exhausted – pea ]

Sentences, part 1.

Finish the sentences with these words:
[ anymore – field – fancy – wind – run away ]

1.When I was little I had a dog, but I don’t have one ___________.
2.The boy was angry at his parents, so he decided to ___________.
3.The farmer has a big __________ of corn.
4.The weather is cold because there is so much _________ today.
5.My grandma’s house is huge and it has many expensive things inside. It is a very __________ house.

- - - -

[ knocked – doubtful – blow – lightning – horrible ]

6.You must __________ into the trumpet very strongly to play music.
7.When I got to my friend’s house, I ____________ on the door.
8.Be careful in the storm because ___________ is dangerous.
9.I did not like the movie. I thought it was ___________.
10.My friend looked _____________ because he didn’t know which road went to the zoo.

- - - -

[ polite – exhausted – definitely – sparkling – wet ]

11.The water was _____________ in the sunlight.
12.I ___________ want to visit Korea before I die.
13.The boy was very ___________ because he walked home in the rain.
14.She always says please and thank you. She is very ___________.
15.After I ran 5 kilometers, I was ___________.

Sentences, part 2

Finish the sentences with the following words:
[ uncomfortable – pity – lie – peas – gorgeous ]

1.I didn’t want to tell my parents that I went to the party, so I said that I went to the library. I told a __________.
2.It is a ___________ that you have to work tomorrow. You’ll miss my birthday!
3.It is difficult to sleep on a bus because it is very _____________.
4.In our garden we have carrots and ___________.
5.In stories, the princess is always ___________.

- - - -

[ shocked – exclaimed – admitted – mattress – sneaked ]

6.My mom asked who ate all the cookies. I ___________ that I ate them.
7.I was ____________ when my parents bought me a car.
8.The ___________ on my bed is old and uncomfortable.
9.When my grandmother saw me, she ___________, “You are so big and tall now!”
10.I _____________ out of my window very, very quietly so my parents wouldn’t wake up.

Check your answers.

Go to the story.

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