Self Study: One of Us

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To help learn the new words and expressions from One of Us, read these sample sentences. Each sentence gives a natural example of how to use one of the new words. Try to use the sentence to figure out the meaning of each underlined word.

I'm looking forward to my vacation next month – I can't wait to go.
Are you looking forward to seeing your brother when he visits next week?

I ate the whole pizza - so there is none left for you.
The whole class will take a test on friday.

My brother always disturbs me when I am working.
I don't like that kid, he always disturbs me.
Stop disturbing me, I'm busy!

We finished getting ready and we set off for the mountains.
You guys are going to the beach? How cool! I want to come. What time will you set off?

When something is occupied that means it is busy. For example, a seat in a movie theater can be occupied.
“I'm sorry, you can't sit here, that seat is already occupied.”
The toilet is occupied.
Also, a person can be occupied. He was too occupied with his homework to notice his favorite TV show had come on.
I'm sorry but can we meet on Wednesday instead of today? I'm going to be occupied the whole day.

The little girl is fearful of large dogs.
He is fearful of spiders.

If you want, you can stay at my house, but you'll have to sleep on the couch.

The spy silently entered the room and surveyed his surroundings.
The new teacher walked in, went to the front of the classroom, and surveyed his new students.

I was trying to study but my little sister came in and asked me a question. Then, five minutes later she came back and asked me another question. Two minutes later, she came again, and then after that she came again! I was exasperated!

The weather is so pleasant today! It's not too hot and not too cold.
She is such a pleasant person. She always smiles and she never yells.

One boy in our class dyed his hair green and made it stick up straight. He thinks it looks cool, but I think it looks ridiculous!
You look ridiculous in that frog costume!
My mom says I have to be home by 7 p.m. every night. I'm not a little kid; I think that's completely ridiculous!
For my friend's birthday, I gave him a hat with a chicken on it. Of course it was a ridiculous present – I just wanted to make him laugh.
Of course I don't believe in ghosts! Don't be ridiculous!

I fell down on the icy street and now I have a big bruise on my knee.
A bruise on your eye is called a black eye.
Wow, where did you get that black eye?

We sat on the shore of the river and had a picnic.
The couple took a romantic walk along the ocean shore.

I can't do this math homework! I will never understand it! I give up!
You can do it! Keep trying! Don't give up!

After swimming all morning, I can't wait to eat lunch. I'm starving!

Look at that strange man on the street. I don't trust him. I'm suspicious of him.
The children were being very quiet, so their mother immediately became suspicious that they were doing something bad.

We are going to play a joke on our teacher. Ok, she's coming! Look nonchalant!
The girl dropped her books all over the floor. But she picked them up and walked away nonchalantly.
If you are nonchalant, you act normal, like everything is ok and nothing is wrong.

My mom always told us not to talk to strangers.

We were talking about music today, so I mentioned that my brother plays the guitar.
I would just like to mention that my birthday is tomorrow.

I'm writing a secret letter, so don't peek!
My little sister loves scary movies. She always covers her eyes, but she peeks through her fingers.
I peeked into the baby's room to see if he was asleep.
Teacher, Jenya is peeking at my test!

I really admire my grandfather. He is a great role model.
I admired my friend's beautiful new necklace.
Everyone on the street came to admire my father's Lexus.

I couldn't see in the dark, so I stumbled on some toys and almost fell.
There was an old man stumbling home from the bar.

It's too bad that you are sick! You are going to miss the movie!
You got a 2 on the test? Oh, that's too bad!
We already ate all the cake! Too bad for you!!

No one has lived in that house down the road for years. I think it's haunted.
Long ago, a famous writer died in our house. I wonder if our house is haunted by his spirit now!

I can't come shopping with you after school. I'm supposed to help my mom.
You are supposed to do your homework every day.
My brother is supposed to come pick me up from school, but I don't know where he is.

I am so hot and sweaty. I want a refreshing glass of juice!
When it snows, the air is so clean and refreshing.

The lights are flickering again. I think our electricity is going to go out!
The candles flickered when the wind blew through the window.
We watched the campfire flickering in the night.

You hit your brother! You need to say you're sorry! Now go apologize to him right now!
My father apologized to my mom for coming home so late.
When you fight with your friend, who apologizes first?

My friend looked very apologetic after she lied to me.
The teacher scolded the students for coming late. The entire class was very apologetic.

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