Review: One of Us, Parts I, II, and III

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This comprehensive review includes words from all three parts of this story.

1.) Match the following gestures with what each means:

shake your head       yes
nod                      I don’t know
shrug                      no

2.) What might you wear to a casual party?

a tuxedo or dress       a swimming suit       jeans and T-shirt

3.) Find five pairs of synonyms in this list:

tranquil – promise - beseech – approve – beg – agree – peaceful – cautious – swear - tentative

4.) Which animal is known for its obstinacy?

mule       ostrich       lion       turtle

5.) When do you speak in hushed voices?

When you’re giving a presentation
When you’re asking a friend for help on a test question in school
When you’re trying to persuade someone to do something

6.) Which of the following is stiff?

a board       a curtain       a flower

7.) You ask your mom if you can have $10. If she consents, she says ...

no       yes       maybe

8.) You usually associate with ...

people you don’t like
friends, family, and co-workers
policemen and officials

9.) There a distinct difference between ...

blue and green       red and pink       black and white

10.) Which of the following could be considered a sacrifice?

Lending a pencil to your friend
Giving your savings to help a friend in the hospital
Helping your dad fix the house after school

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