Teacher's Notes: My Dinosaur

This is an easy, visual story that will give students confidence when they realize they can understand the whole book. Many of the new words in this story can be taught through visual aids (ex. dinosaur, room, socks, books, school, dog).

Connect new words to your students' lives. For example, hold up a picture of a monster and say, "Are you scared?" Show a picture of a spider (or show a real one!) and repeat the question. Show a dog, a mouse, a snake, etc. and find out how many of your students are scared. Ask, "Are you scared of dinosaurs?" Tell your students what YOU are scared of. Make sure they all understand the word scared. Come back to the word often, to make sure they remember. They may forget it at first, but when you remind them with a sentence or a question, they will solidify its meaning in their mind.

Make sure you teach all the new words before giving the students the story. Then read it aloud to the class. As you read, stop and talk about the pictures and ask questions. "Where is the bed? Who is scared of dinosaurs? What is Dino eating? Do YOU eat socks? Where is Dino hiding?" You can also use the pictures to teach new vocabulary. For example, "Is the mom happy? Do you see Tim's backpack?" You can also ask the students what animals they have.

New Words

time (time for school)


to see
to eat
Shhhh! (be quiet)
Don't tell
he likes
Let's go


Match the words to the pictures: (Left-hand picture first, going across) eat, book, dinosaur, bed, scared, school, socks, dog, hide, see, room
Match sentences: (Left-hand picture first, going across) 7, 11, 10, 6, 1, 4, 9, 3, 2, 8, 5.

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