Self Study: The Magician's Hat

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To help learn the new words and expressions from The Magician's Hat, read these sample sentences. Each sentence gives a natural example of how to use one of the new words. Try to use the sentence to figure out the meaning of each underlined word.

When you were young, did you ever do magic tricks? Some people do card tricks, and some people do tricks with money, using dollar bills or coins.
There are also other kinds of tricks. People play tricks on each other for April Fool's.
Let's trick mom! Put this fake blood on her new white carpet!

An orphan is a child without parents. Harry Potter became an orphan when his parents died. If there is no one to take care of them, orphans live in an orphanage.

The actors are ready to perform the play.
The dancing bear performed tricks in the circus.

You can speak six languages? That's impressive!
I'm very impressed that this little girl can read even though she's only four years old.
My brother can eat an impressive amount of hamburgers in five minutes.
Your resume and work experience is very impressive!

Whenever her son said something about not wanting to go to college, the mother sat down with him and went through her repertoire of reasons why he should get a university education.
My brother-in-law has an entire repertoire of jokes and tricks that he uses to entertain people.

When we heard the high-pitched shriek coming from the kitchen, we knew my sister had seen the tarantula that was loose in the house.
I hate it when the neighbor kids all come over at the same time. I can't handle the shrieking in the house!

You can use beads to create necklaces and bracelets.
Native Americans have many beautiful beaded designs on artwork and clothing.

On hot days, it's nice to wear a short-sleeved shirt, but when it's cold, I like to wear long sleeves.
The sleeves on this dress are so huge that I'm afraid I will catch them on something.

The multicolored bag of m&ms was calling out for me to eat them.

When you're in elementary school, it feels like you will never finish school, but I assure you that eventually you will graduate.
I waited and waited for my friend in the restaurant. Eventually, she came running in apologizing.

When we moved to a new house, we packed everything into big crates and loaded them into the truck.

I still have my favorite stuffed animals from my childhood, including the monkey who sucks his thumb and the soft green parrot.

You can find very cheap furniture if you look in second-hand shops. Second-hand items are not new; they have been used before.

Look at this great weather! It's going to be a splendid day.
You look positively splendid in that dress!
I like your idea – what a splendid plan!

Have noticed that dogs jump around like silly children, while cats sit regally, almost as if they think they are the kings of the world?
The little boy threw a cloak around his shoulders and tried to look regal.

It's so dusty in here! It's going to make me sneeze.
There was so much dust in the attic that it was obvious that no one had entered it in years.

What qualities do you look for in a good friend?
A good secretary has to have certain qualities. Being organized is one important quality.
Good-quality products usually cost more money. If the quality is low, the products will be cheaper, but they will not last as long.
The family spent some quality time together by the lake.

Video games have a strong appeal; that's why so many people are addicted to them.
What's the appeal of smoking? I don't get it.
Some movies really appeal to our senses, making us see and hear as if we were really there participating.
Advertisements often appeal to our emotions, making us want to buy something that promises to make us beautiful and successful.
A vacation in Italy sounds very appealing.

You want to learn Spanish? What are we waiting for? Let's begin at once!
“Johnny, come here at once!” called the mother.

I found this bicycle at a second-hand store for only $10. It was a bargain! My mom loves to shop for bargains. She only buys things that she finds for a good price.
If you bargain with the shop owner, it means you try to get a cheaper price.
When I learned that the salesman wanted $100 for the wooden chest, I immediately started to bargain to get a better deal.

When my sister told me she had paid $25 her cheap souvenir bracelet, I shrieked, “What a rip-off!”
I can't believe I paid so much money for this chess set. That man really ripped me off.

My little sister suddenly clutched my hand when she heard a strange sound on the dark street.
My son fell asleep with his toy clutched tightly in his fingers.

The bird flew into our yard and perched on a tree branch.
I perched carefully on the edge of the couch.

The concert was about to begin. All of the performers came out onto the stage.

When my niece finished her beautiful dance, she took a bow.
Everyone bowed to the king and queen.

Before he began fighting, the pirate waved his sword with a flourish.
She ended the dance with a dramatic flourish of her arms.
Plants flourish with the right amount of water and sunlight.
Children flourish when their curiosity is fed.

I feel very serene when I sit outside and watch the tree branches blowing in the wind.
The child had a very serene look on her face as she slept.
The ocean had not a ripple on its smooth, serene surface.

His tears quickly gave way to laughter when I began to tease and joke with him.

My aunt reached into the large bag and drew out a beautiful birthday present for me.

The trapped bird was so frightened that it was quivering.
I started to quiver just thinking about the horror movie.

We will win the competition! Triumph will be ours!
The team cheered triumphantly when they won.
When my brother walked in with a triumphant look upon his face, we all knew that he had done well on his exams.

The audience laughed and cheered as they watched the play.
Cartoons are usually made for a general audience.

When she saw the beautiful gift, she was breathless.
“And then what happened?” my little cousins asked breathlessly when I paused at a suspenseful moment in the story.

The baby clapped her hands in delight when she saw the puppy.
Everyone clapped when the jugglers finished their performance.

I saw the students' eyes light up when I mentioned that the winner of the writing contest would win money.
My grandfather's eyes still light up whenever he looks at his wife.
The boy's eyes lit up when he saw the toy train circling the Christmas tree.

Dinosaurs existed millions of years ago.
Why are we alive? What is the meaning of existence?
Scientists believe in the existence of tiny quarks that are too small to see with a microscope.

The walking stick is an insect that looks just like a part of the branch he is walking on.

I wanted a dog, but my mom said I could only have a hamster. He lived in a small cage and ran on his wheel for exercise.

A hedgehog will curl up into a ball to protect itself, with its spines are facing outward.

The squirrel ran across the busy street, just barely dodging the cars zooming by.
The runaway pig dodged everyone who was trying to catch him.
I dodged the snowballs that my friends threw at me.

Someday when I am famous, people will be hounding me for my autograph everywhere I go.
“I told you we are not buying candy today!” exclaimed the mother. “Stop hounding me.”

I tried to show my friend an easier way to do her math homework, but she insisted on doing it the same, slow way she always did. She is stubborn like that!

I laughed at my little sister's attempt to sew a shirt for herself. After seeing her sad face, I immediately regretted laughing at her.

There was a lot of artwork on display at the new museum exhibit.
The male peacock makes a big display with his colorful tail feathers to attract the female.
One student displayed his coin collection at school for his history class.

As usual, the group of friends went off to the backyard to search for buried treasure.
I have always treasured the watch my father gave me when I was little. I would never sell it.

The bully cornered the little boy and smiled as he approached. The little boy had nowhere to run.
I tried to go straight home after work, but my boss cornered me in my office and asked me to do yet another project.
A cornered animal will try to defend itself.

The rich kid brought a very expensive robot to the science competition, sneering at everyone, “Mine is the best project here. All of your projects look like they could be thrown in the garbage!”
She would be a pretty girl if she didn't always have a sneer on her face.

When the boy was told to go to his room, he made a show of walking away as slowly as possible.
My dad made a show of opening his gift with great drama and suspense. Everyone loved watching his reaction.

The little girl looked perfectly content, eating her cake and smacking her lips.

The dog loves to lick my children's faces.
Don't forget to lick the envelope to seal it.

I could hear my mother muttering something about how no one helped her clean up the kitchen after dinner.
The angry student muttered something under his breath, but when the teacher asked him what he said, he wouldn't repeat it.

After the concert, the crowd dispersed and the lot became empty again.
At first, my friend's perfume was overpowering, but eventually the smell dispersed.

I was shocked when I saw that only two cookies remained of the towering pile that had been there earlier that day.
I will remain your friend to the end.
I think he's dead. Quick! What should we do with the remains??

As he did his homework, he kept glancing out the window to see the fun the other kids were having.
Every time she walked by a mirror, she had to glance at her reflection.
I was so angry that I turned and left, without so much as a backward glance.

My suitcase was so full, but I managed to cram in three more sweaters.
The baby was cramming his mouth with french fries.
If you wait until the night before to study for an exam, you have to spend all night cramming. My cousin stayed up all night to cram for her biology test.

My mother took one look at my messy room, frowned, and crossed her arms.
I could tell my friends were fighting again because they were looking at each other in anger with their arms crossed.

I hate my brother's haughty attitude that nobody will ever be smarter than he is.
She had a haughty smile that told me she would never admit she was wrong.

The little boy was always challenging the older kids to have a race.
My new job really challenges me to work hard and find new solutions.

I heard a thump-thump-thump as my dog wagged his tail against the wall.
The teacher thumped his hand down on the table to emphasize his point.

I can't find my keys anywhere! They just completely vanished!
The magician put the girl inside the box. When he opened the box, the girl had vanished.

When a cute boy walked by, my friend nudged me with her shoulder.
My friend was falling asleep in class, so I nudged her.
When I was crying, my dog came over to me and nudged me with her nose.

Our teacher was used to all kinds of crazy things happening. When one kid poured a whole bottle of paint on his hair, Mrs. Peters didn't bat an eye. She simply told the boy to wash his head in the sink, and she continued the art lesson.
My mom knows that I love to try new hobbies. When I said I wanted to stop ice skating and try yoga, she didn't bat an eye.

My grandmother always chides me for eating too many sweets.
“Stop bothering your brother!” the mother chided her older son.

If you work hard, you will work up an appetite.
After the depressing movie, I completely lost my appetite.
Don't eat sweets before dinner or you will ruin your appetite!

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