Self Study: The King of Chess

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To help learn the new words and expressions from The King of Chess, read these sample sentences. Each sentence gives a natural example of how to use one of the new words. Try to use the sentence to figure out the meaning of each underlined word.

We lost the contest, but I am determined to win it next year. I will spend all my free time preparing!

The two boys stared at each other angrily. It looked like they were going to fight. Neither one was going to back down.

I want to eat at a Chinese restaurant tonight. Which one would you suggest?

Everyone complimented the girl on her wonderful dance performance, but she just blushed and smiled modestly.

You have such a talent for taking pictures! You should be a photographer!

Our team won a huge trophy for winning the basketball tournament.

The child wailed so loudly that she woke up all the neighbors.

My little brother can't stop bragging about how good he is at karate. He thinks he is so great.

During the basketball game, the two teams were tied most of the time. The final score was 78 to 80. It was a close game!

The couple set the wedding date for June 20.

I once ate 4 hamburgers in one minute. It's my record.

It's true that he's very good-looking, but I would never date him because he's so conceited. He loves himself more than anyone else.

I got very annoyed because my friend kept interrupting me while I was talking.

You're not the only person with problems. The whole world doesn't revolve around you, you know!

Joey talks and tells jokes all the time because he loves to be in the spotlight.

The lunchroom is the noisiest place in school. All you can hear is kids chattering.

Do we really have to read this entire book by next week?

I know the test will be easy. I'm not the slightest bit worried.

Everyone glanced up from their test when one student came into the classroom late.

My brother and I accidentally broke the window when we were playing ball. My mom yelled at me because I was older, and my brother simply smirked.

“Wha- wha – what are you doing!” I sputtered when I saw my little sister's mess in the kitchen.

The teacher narrowed her eyes at me and threatened to kick me out of school if she caught me cheating again.

It's ok for girls to cry, but boys are taught that they have to be tough.

I told my mom that I was going to school to get extra help with homework, but actually I went to my friend's party.

After my friend failed her driving test, I tried to console her. “Don't worry, you can practice and take the test again!”

He just ignores the rules that he doesn't like.

I woke up late, had to wear an old dirty shirt, didn't eat breakfast, and missed my bus. Then I got in trouble at school. Don't ask me how I am. Of course I'm grumpy!

“I'm having a party tomorrow,” she said casually. “So if you're not busy, stop on by.”

When the teacher chose Max to be the class leader, he looked very smug.

My sister loves movies. She can watch one after the other nonstop.

“You can't even climb a tree!” shouted my little brother. “Well, you can't even tie your shoes!” I shot back.

I have checked my essay over and over. I'm sure it's absolutely flawless now!

“I will never understand algebra!” wailed the girl, burying her face in her hands.

Let's be optimistic. Maybe if you study hard, you will pass the next test.

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