Practice: Dumbo

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True or False?

____ Dumbo has small ears.
____ The other elephants made fun of Dumbo.
____ Dumbo lives in the zoo.
____ Dumbo is a clown.
____ Dumbo meets a nice cat.
____ Timothy says Dumbo can swim with his ears.
____ Timothy has a magic hat.
____ Dumbo is afraid to fly.
____ Dumbo can’t fly without the feather.
____ Dumbo is a star!

Find more words for:

*big (2), *talk loudly (2), *scared (1)


Find more words for:

*very good, great (4), *happy (1), *surprised (1)


Answer the questions:

1.Why did the elephants make fun of Dumbo?
2.Who is Timothy?
3.What does Timothy think of Dumbo’s ears?
4.What is Timothy’s idea?
5.What special thing does Timothy give Dumbo?
6.What happens in the circus the next day?

Finish the sentences with the following words:
[ fantastic - - enormous - - amazed - - mean ]

1.Dumbo’s ears are not small. They are ___________!
2.The other elephants are ____________.
3.Timothy says Dumbo’s ears are ______________.
4.When Dumbo flies, everyone is ______________.

- - - - -

[ tent - - afraid - - climb - - dropped ]

5.My cat likes to ___________ trees.
6.My little sister is ___________ of the dark.
7.I ___________ my book on the floor.
8.When I go camping, I sleep in a ___________.

- - - - -

[ believe - - overjoyed - - feathers - - circus ]

9.All birds have ____________ on their bodies.
10.Do you ___________ that Santa Claus is real?
11.Clowns, elephants and tigers work in the __________.
12.I was ____________ when my parents gave me a puppy.

Check your answers.

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