Teacher's Notes: Dino Goes to the Farm

Off to the farm! Pre-teach the words through pictures, examples, acting, and visual aids. Act out words ike "turn around" - for example have a student sneak up behind you and tap you on the shoulder, and show them how you turn around. You could also play Bonnie Tyler's song "Turn Around" and have the whole class turn around every time those words are spoken - which is often!

Ask them questions about themselves as you go over each word: Do you have a grandma? Do you have a grandpa? Where do they live? Do you go see them? Do they live far away? Do you like animals? What animals live on a farm? Do you like horses? Can you ride a horse?

After you have gone over all the words, read the story together. Talk about the pictures, and give them words for things they see in the pictures. You can also talk about getting lost, and tell a short story about getting lost by acting. (And turning around!)

Talk about things we "should" do. We should brush our teeth. We should eat healthy food. Give them different examples using "should" and "want." For example, say, "I want to eat chocolate, but I should eat ..." and let the students choose something you should do. "I want to play all night! But I should..."

New Words

horse, ride a horse
turn around
way, the way home

Words to Review:


Match the words to the pictures: (Left-hand picture first, going across) grandpa, grandma, horse, farm, ride, turn around, hungry, far.
Sentences: (Left-hand picture first, going across) 1, 2, 5, 3, 4, 8, 6, 7.

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