Practice: Describing People

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Answer the questions. There may be more than one answer.

1.Who has curly hair?         13. Who has long hair?
2.Who has wavy hair?         14. Who has a pony tail?
3.Who has dark hair?         15. Who has braids?
4.Who has a mustache?       16. Who has a tank top?
5.Who has a beard?             17. Who has a shirt with buttons?
6.Who has glasses?             18. Who has a bow tie?
7.Who has blond hair?         19. Who has a tie?
8.Who has straight hair?       20. Who has a shirt with stripes?
9.Who has earrings?             21. Who is bald?
10.Who has a pointy nose?     22. Who has a shirt with spots?
11.Who has a zipper?           23. Who has a necklace?
12.Who has freckles?           24. Who has a shirt with a pocket?

Who am I? Read each paragraph to decide which person it describes.

I have a long, gray beard and a mustache. I have a bald head, and I have hairy ears. I’m wearing a tie with stripes.

I have long, dark, straight hair in a pony tail. I have earrings, a necklace, a pointy chin, and freckles.

I have long, wavy hair, freckles, a round nose, and round cheeks. I’m wearing a necklace and a tank top.

I have short, dark, curly hair, glasses, and a pointy nose. My shirt has buttons and a pocket.

I have long hair in two braids and a shirt with stripes. I don’t have glasses or freckles.

I have a pointy nose and a pointy chin. I have dark hair, but I am almost bald. I have a beard and a mustache and a long neck. I’m wearing a suit and a bow tie.

I have dark, wavy hair, freckles, and a goatee. I’m wearing a necklace and a tank top. I have sunglasses.

I have curly blond hair, small eyes, and a square chin. I’m wearing glasses and a sweater with a zipper. I don’t have a beard or a mustache.

I have scruffy blond hair in a pony tail and big ears. I have a mustache but no beard, and I’m wearing a shirt with spots.

Check your answers.

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