Practice: Cinderella

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Match each word with the correct picture:

[ magic wand – invitation – stairs – attic – midnight – fairy – slipper – angry – throw ]

Match the synonyms:

servant                 close with a key
get ready             bad, cruel, mean, wicked
kingdom               terrible
appear                 lucky
ruin                     unlucky
mysterious           dance, party
fortunately           land, city
miserable             very
ballroom               worker who cleans and helps
spell                     to come into sight
perfect                 destroy, break
unfortunately         magic words
evil                       place for dancing
lock                       sad
extremely             secret, unknown
ball                       prepare
disappointed           exactly right

Finish the sentences with these words:
[ ballroom – fairy – hope – extremely – attic - ruined ]

1.I love to ski, so I ____________ it will snow tonight.
2.One hundred people were dancing in the ____________.
3.After the car accident, my car was _____________.
4.I have not slept in three days. I am ______________ tired.
5.Peter Pan has a small friend who is a ____________.
6.We heard strange noises from above so we went up to look in the ______________.

- - - -

Finish the sentences with these words:
[ kingdom – perfect – angry – spell – invitation – threw – unfortunately ]

7.The wizard put a magic ____________ on the man to change him into a frog.
8.We were having a wonderful picnic. _______________, it started to rain.
9.Everyone in the _____________ loved the king and the queen.
10.My father was very ___________ because I broke his glasses.
11.The omelet was terrible, so I _____________ it out the window.
12.I was very happy when I received the ______________ to the party.
13.He got every question on the test right. He had a ______________ score.

- - - -

Finish the sentences with these words:
[ stairs – evil – miserable – appeared – magic wand – servant – lock ]

14.Everyone forgot my birthday. I had a ______________ day.
15.Harry Potter uses his ______________ to fight his enemies.
16.Don’t forget to ____________ your house when you leave.
17.The _____________ man wanted to kill everyone.
18.The elevator doesn’t work, so we will have to take the ____________.
19.Suddenly, a spaceship _____________ in the sky.
20.The ____________ works very hard cleaning every day.

- - - -

Finish the sentences with these words:
[ midnight – fortunately – mysterious – disappointed – get ready ]

21.My friends and I never go near the ____________ old house where no one lives.
22.You must wake up and ______________ for school or you’ll be late.
23.The little boy stayed awake until _____________ because he wanted to see Santa Claus.
24.I was very _____________ when I didn’t receive a new bike for my birthday.
25.I forgot my money, but _______________, my friend said he could buy my lunch.

Check your answers.

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